Cool Art how to create? You want to know?

cool art

cool art

Cool ARt by John E Base created with paper and pen photo plus some photo shop.

Cool Art is cool because its edgy real raw. I guess. I’m not much with words when it comes to art. How to create this cool art? Get a piece of paper. Measure the center vertically. Draw a faint line up and down the middle. You can do this my measuring with a ruler or slightly folding the paper in half. But DO NO create a crease.  Find a pair of glasses you wear; sun-glass, reading glasses (they must fit) Place the piece of paper on a flat surface. Take the glasses and place the middle nose bridge in the center of the paper. Make a mark where your eyes would fit. Draw an eye. Slightly fold the paper in half. Place it up to your face measure where the bottom of your nose is. Make a line on the paper. You are close to making some cool art. Take a pencil or pen and measure the space between the bottom of your nose and your mouth. Now make a slight line the same distance under the line you wrote at the bottom of your nose. Then slightly fold the paper in half and cut a long thin triangle where your nose will be sticking out the paper. And cut out the shape you want for your mouth. Then draw with different size ink pens what you want your face to look like. I drew in pencil before I finished in pen. Make as many masks as you want. Its cheep. I used tape to stick the masks to my face. Blue painters tape is best because it will not rip the paper when you take the mask off. If you keep the cool art in a folder these masks should last a long time. Mine are a few years old. I mainly wear them when  making videos and such. Little cool art projects. I photographed myself in the masks then did a pass through photoshop. Cool art is cool.

Photo’s of Gas Masks from the past

Gas Masks as High End Fashion Art

High end Fashion Gas Masks by artist, designer and inventor Diddo

Gas Mask art… Wow I’m taken by Diddo’s work and I’m not a fan of conceptual art. In fact, I mostly hate it. Cleaver does not an artist make, there needs to be more. 

That being said. Diddo’s work is arresting. Gas masks are so ingrained into our subconscious as an object of fear. The gas masks says I’m here and so is doom and death, pestilence and the four horsemen of the apocalypse are not far behind. Its a foreboding object; Desert Storm, Scud Missiles headed toward Tel Aviv, Saddam Hussein’s chemical weapons. Not long ago I remember being inundated with images of civilians, soldiers, school children clumsily adorned with the new fashion statement for the coming “end of days”. Saddams WMD’s could be anywhere. Maybe in your closet? Remember news stories of agents dressed in full chemical suits inspecting something suspicious? The image of the gas mask was everywhere. 

Diddo’s High Fashion Protection work hits you. Its shocking to see diamonds (zirconia?) on such a sinister, dirty, object like a gas masks. I’m not a fashionista so the logos trademark designer graphics don’t mean much to me other than I recognize them. From the photographs you can tell the craftsmanship is superior. The work is quality.  You cannot shock easily these days. Seeing a dreaded object transformed into something so well crafted and sexy, its psychological antithesis, is jarring fun and exciting.  Gas Mask Art Wow what fun, Who knew? 

Hope you enjoy the work as much as I. Check out Dido’s website’s below

Diddo’s website

Diddo’s facebook page

Sergio Teran – Artist Echo Park Los Angeles Masks in Paintings & Drawings

Sergio Teran  Artist Echo Park Los Angeles

My Interest in Masks

I am a big fan of cultures which have traditions with masks. Since my childhood I’ve admired people who perform with and make masks. I am fascinated by their historical uses/connection across cultures, i.e., ceremonial, ritual (as in death), theatrical, decadent celebration, etc. Even utilitarian masks become a symbol for what they are used for. I understand masks to posses great spiritual strength. The right mask has the ability to ward off evil, heal the sick, or protect and transcend human reality. They are otherworldly. To some, masks strike fear because they can obscure an identity. In my work the mask is the identity and the players in my stories are never hiding, but encompass the spirit of the mask.

My paintings and drawings are deeply personal and represent streams of thought based on personal experiences and the individuals who have influenced my life. I paint realistically, but not necessarily academically. My flaws represent the idiosyncrasies of my personal vision. I characterize my approach as magical surreal. Symbolic tableaus weave into non-linear narratives. They are backdrops of colliding realities: my past, present, and imagined experiences. I was raised in a working-class household of immigrant parents. My mother was a seamstress and my father, a welder/ ironworker. They both relied on the mastery of their skills to put food on the table. The exposure to their labor carried over into my psyche. Consequently, I favor a physicality to art-making, and I try to imbue the art object with that quality.

written by Artist Sergio Teran

MF DOOM – his mask

How MF Dooms mask came about.  Blake “KEO” Lethem talks about its creation

Preformance Transfiguration Olivier de Sagazan live mask

TRANSfiGURATion from salquebre emilie on Vimeo.

TRansfiguration, performance de Olivier de Sagazan
10.10.09, demeure du chaos

Artist Olivier de Sagazan creates a hybrid practice integrating paintings, photography, sculpture, and performance. His series Transfiguration began in 2001. De Sagazan builds layers of clay over his face and body transforming into an animal broken from the physical world. Unsettling work transfiguring malevolence into a  maniacal vulnerable  canvas. The artist states: “I am interested in seeing to what degree people think its normal, or even trite, to be alive.” Olivier de Sagazan has exhibited widely in France and Europe,Canada, Brésil Corée in art galleries, museums, and film festivals. With an cult following online, and rave reviews about his expressive and inimitable style, it is no wonder de Sagazan’s remarkable “body art” work’s featured in the non-verbal film Samsara, the Sequel to Baraka, directed by Ron Fricke. This ARtist creates art which assaults. Its not cheap art, wall art. It doesn’t come packaged as in art kits. Its online art but not in a collection. Bathroom art, store art, art which the matches the drapes this is not.


Olivier De Sagazan on Facebook

Dogon Mask West Africa – ART Masks

In the West African country of Mali, masks and puppets play an important role in traditional culture.

The masks are also worn to protect hunters against the revenge of the animal he has killed.

Dogon Mask

“Elephant-mask’ with its big round ears and long nose decorated with  beads, is from West Cameroon, to whom it is unique.

Pixelhead Limited Edition Mask – Martin Backes – art masks

Martin Backes's Limited Edition Pixelhead Masks

Martin Backes  limited edition Pixelhead Mask

Martin Backes Limited Edition  Pixelhead  Mask

Martin Backes  limited edition Pixelhead mask

Pixelhead  Limited Edition Art Mask by Martin Backes

Martin Backes’s work seems to have taken on a life of its own, based on the internet coverage. He only posted it on the web this month. Its very popular. There’s something compelling about a human becoming pixelated in the analog world.  Usually its the other way around. I also like there is no hole for the nose. It has a knightish  medieval feel it. If you like his work make sure you check out his Facebook Page.  He’s a sound artist as well as a visual artist. You can buy this thoughtful work of art directly from Martin Backes website.

More Markin Backes on the Web



 ARTCONNECT BERLIN’s 1st Anniversary

Martin’s description about his Pixelhead from his website:

The limited edition is slightly different from the original you might have seen on my website. The material used is elastic fabric for beach fashion and sports gear with a Pixel-style print of the German Secretary of the Interior Hans-Peter Friedrich. The mask has holes for your eyes and mouth, so you can see and breathe comfortably while wearing. But please take a look for yourself (see photos). Each Pixelhead is signed (stamp) and numbered, and comes with an Invoice and Certificate of Authenticity.

Pixelhead limited edition
Size: Unisize (34 x 26 cm)
Material: elastic fabric, digital fabric printing color

Photo of Art Mask Photoshopped

Photo Paper Art Mask

I made a bunch of these art masks. I use them in videos they have a real animated quality to them on film. I like to pass the photos and film through photoshop to give it an extra hyperreality. I’m mad angry sad happy etc. I’ve made art masks for many years. A few years back I had a purging. I guess I restocking the inventory.

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SezVez aug 2012

A Month of Masks -Art Masks

A month of MASKS

They are all things to all people. Are you wearing yours today?

Wikipedia says a mask is an object worn on the face.

That’s pretty observant. It seems people have been making masks all over the world all through time. Why? Why do we feel a need to cover our face, conceal ourselves. Is it deviousness anonymity a communal experience with the spirits Gods which we all seek and a mask is the portal? There are a plethora of uses for these things.

From Wikipedia:

They say the word “mask” appeared in the English language in the 1530’s, from Middle Frenchmasque “covering to hide or guard the face”, derived in turn from Italianmaschera, from Medieval Latinmasca “mask, specter, nightmare” This word is of uncertain origin, perhaps from Arabicmaskharahمَسْخَرَۃٌ “buffoon”, from the verb sakhira “to ridicule”. However, it may also come from Provençalmascarar “to black (the face)” (or the related Catalanmascarar, Old Frenchmascurer). This in turn is of uncertain origin — perhaps from a Germanic source akin to English “mesh”, but perhaps from mask- “black”, a borrowing from a pre-Indo-European language.[3] One German author claims the word “mask” is originally derived from the Spanish más que la cara (literally, “more than the face” or “added face”), which evolved to “máscara”, while the Arabic “maskharat” – referring to the buffoonery which is possible only by disguising the face – would be based on these Spanish roots.[4] Other related forms are Hebrewmasecha= “mask”; Arabic maskharaمَسْخَرَ = “he ridiculed, he mocked”, masakhaمَسَخَ = “he transfomed” (transitive).

There is much more to the subject of masks, its dense. I’m sure we can only scratch the thin epidermal of its essence. Please emote in the comment section no need to register your e-mail unless you want. What do you have to say about the Mask? Do you have an art masks? Comment below…

Video – West African Masks Performance

West African Art: The Masks of the Gnoumou Family in Boni

Amazingly Informative Video Living Art

This is an amazingly informative video for anyone interested in Masks, African art, and culture. The masks are alive in these traditional dances. Its thrilling watching this video. The power of the experience is conveyed through the little boxed screen. Its well shot and unbelievably informative. This is alive art, living art, very rich. Its more than art. I’ve never found something so detailed on a youtube video about any subject. Its great reference material. Please leave a comments

On a market day in the Bwa village of Boni, in central Burkina Faso, West Africa a group of masks perform, including the great plank masks called nwantantay, the leper, hyena, dwarf, antelope, and bush buffalo.

Art and Life in Africa Project

Rugs turned to Art Masks


photography: Cornelie de Jong

Bertjan Pot  Rugs Turned to Masks

May 26 | 1975 | Nieuwleusen | The Netherlands

Bertjan designs products, often Interior products. The way interior products relate to their users appeals to Bertjan. Interior products are not distant and hardcore industrial like power tools, cars and buildings. And they are not just personal hip fashion. Furniture and lighting design really fits the method of Bertjan’s work. Starting small, playing with and focusing on a material or a technique. Bertjan searches for a system, the DNA, which will use as building stones for something bigger. Optimal use of a material and technique make a valuable product, each ingredient humbly present complementing the others. Bertjan makes products which are more than the function they have to fulfill. Bertjan’s method is both technical and intuitive. Intuition is hard to explain. For every decision we make there are several reasons. Some mentioned, but the best are silently accepted. Her technical interest and creative fantasies are a way to push the boundaries of Industrial production. Intelligence mixed with a little ignorance might realize our dreams.

Studio Bertjan Pot

Bertjan Pot, Vladi Rapaport and Marjolein Fase

Proud to be in the collection of:Victoria & Albert Museum, London – Shrunken bench and Random Light
Museum Boijmans Van Beuningen, Rotterdam – Random Chair (prototype), Carbon Copy, Excavated Vase, Old Fruit Versatile.
Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam – Random Chair, Carbon Copy, Carbon Chair
FNAC (Fonds National d’Art Contemporain/National Fund for Contemporary Art) – Old Fruit, Versatile
MoMa New York – Carbon Chair (created in cooperation with Marcel Wanders)

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