Skull Drawing

Skull Drawing and Paintings by

Vincent Van Gogh

Van skull

Skull Drawings and painting by Vincent Van Gogh

Heisenberg a top the Empire

Heisenberg a top the Empire


Heisenburg A Top The Empire

Heisenberg A Top The Empire -John E Base 2012

Walter Heisenberg White from Breaking Bad

This is a portrait of the inner Heisenberg in Walter White. Its a portrait of his soul and those who are with him always. Behind the mask is an empty place. His true a-hole-ness is revealed like the mole men from the planet of the apes. I have a feeling he’s going to end up in a very very dark place. Heisenberg will be all alone. There will be no Walter White…

The Best Gus Breaking Bad Line Drawing

Gus breaking bad line drawing

Gus Breaking Bad by John E Base

John E Base copyright 2012

Gus Breaking Bad Line Drawing

Gus breaking bad line drawing a pen and ink drawing which I photoshopped. Will be available as print. Subscribe and  CLICK HERE > SezVez facebook 

Was ist Kunst, die der Künstler ist?

Der Künstler, der Künstler  Sie Künstle

Crazy Horse Holzschnitt auf Papier

John EBase

What is the artist!

The Artist, you are nothing but a moment it time, which will fade and then be ground into pieces.

You might reform in few thousand billion years into something… maybe.  Now you are nothing but a child born from a spec of star-dust. You are no more significant, remembered or meaningful than Napoleon, Rembrandt, the bum on the bus or the Scarecrow in the Wizard of Oz. Who knows? Once you were joined together in a violent celestial union beyond the milky way. Where pressure, temperature, and forces of nature tore you to pieces, burned you to cinders, and ripped you to shreds. And who cares? Absolutely nobody… The great cosmos does not give a wink? No. You the artist will not be remembered. Why you ask? Will anyone remember Caesar, the great minds, leaders, thinkers, revolutionaries, patriots, sages, mystics, priests? Given enough time, no. And time is in abundance. Time and the nature of things are limitless as far as we know. Yet everything is finite. You have limits which you can not escape.

One is your droll appetite for the material. Every time you breathe you express such, every time you motion to the sun or the moon to grant you wishes. You beg for untaxed moments, a carefree day. So you can create, you the artist. Your medium is anything; pain, humiliations, suffering, disgust, base natures, vile hobbies, and recreational pursuits. For the universe is anything but carefree and untaxed it is vexed and hostile in the most unforgiving way. You ask it to change its nature, to alter its course, for who? You? A self-absorbed dandy who’s omnipotent visions of grandeur dance in the vapors of self-delusion. You who wish to out-live your mortal flesh through petty creations and flights of fancy. I’m sure the serial killer, the mass murder, the homicidal maniac, the taker of human life all consider themselves some form of artists creator alchemist . For you the artist are in dark company.  Your nature is sinister in the most egregious way. Your sole aim is to deceive. You wish to deceive the eye and mind into a belief which turns an artificial experience into reality.  All you can offer is a two dimensional representation, a series of zeros and ones, or words on a page. That is as far as you can go. The mind fills the rest. You cheater you bastard you fraud… you artist! You are never to be trusted. There is a subversive rebellion born in you. Who knows what you have birthed into the mind? You artist, in time you will offer absolutely nothing for no one! Until then, I guess we have to put up with you…

disclaimer -this is satire do not take literally or seriously

Cool Art how to create? You want to know?

cool art

cool art

Cool ARt by John E Base created with paper and pen photo plus some photo shop.

Cool Art is cool because its edgy real raw. I guess. I’m not much with words when it comes to art. How to create this cool art? Get a piece of paper. Measure the center vertically. Draw a faint line up and down the middle. You can do this my measuring with a ruler or slightly folding the paper in half. But DO NO create a crease.  Find a pair of glasses you wear; sun-glass, reading glasses (they must fit) Place the piece of paper on a flat surface. Take the glasses and place the middle nose bridge in the center of the paper. Make a mark where your eyes would fit. Draw an eye. Slightly fold the paper in half. Place it up to your face measure where the bottom of your nose is. Make a line on the paper. You are close to making some cool art. Take a pencil or pen and measure the space between the bottom of your nose and your mouth. Now make a slight line the same distance under the line you wrote at the bottom of your nose. Then slightly fold the paper in half and cut a long thin triangle where your nose will be sticking out the paper. And cut out the shape you want for your mouth. Then draw with different size ink pens what you want your face to look like. I drew in pencil before I finished in pen. Make as many masks as you want. Its cheep. I used tape to stick the masks to my face. Blue painters tape is best because it will not rip the paper when you take the mask off. If you keep the cool art in a folder these masks should last a long time. Mine are a few years old. I mainly wear them when  making videos and such. Little cool art projects. I photographed myself in the masks then did a pass through photoshop. Cool art is cool.

Gas Masks as High End Fashion Art

High end Fashion Gas Masks by artist, designer and inventor Diddo

Gas Mask art… Wow I’m taken by Diddo’s work and I’m not a fan of conceptual art. In fact, I mostly hate it. Cleaver does not an artist make, there needs to be more. 

That being said. Diddo’s work is arresting. Gas masks are so ingrained into our subconscious as an object of fear. The gas masks says I’m here and so is doom and death, pestilence and the four horsemen of the apocalypse are not far behind. Its a foreboding object; Desert Storm, Scud Missiles headed toward Tel Aviv, Saddam Hussein’s chemical weapons. Not long ago I remember being inundated with images of civilians, soldiers, school children clumsily adorned with the new fashion statement for the coming “end of days”. Saddams WMD’s could be anywhere. Maybe in your closet? Remember news stories of agents dressed in full chemical suits inspecting something suspicious? The image of the gas mask was everywhere. 

Diddo’s High Fashion Protection work hits you. Its shocking to see diamonds (zirconia?) on such a sinister, dirty, object like a gas masks. I’m not a fashionista so the logos trademark designer graphics don’t mean much to me other than I recognize them. From the photographs you can tell the craftsmanship is superior. The work is quality.  You cannot shock easily these days. Seeing a dreaded object transformed into something so well crafted and sexy, its psychological antithesis, is jarring fun and exciting.  Gas Mask Art Wow what fun, Who knew? 

Hope you enjoy the work as much as I. Check out Dido’s website’s below

Diddo’s website

Diddo’s facebook page

ME on Mars -oil painting on canvas

ME on Mars- oil painting

I created this oil painting while living on Mars, another time, another person. Mars the angry red planet takes some getting used too. It exacts a price. Takes a toll. Oil paint drys faster there, even the whites. Not much to drink expect salt the tears. I can only take so much gasoline. After a while it corrodes the guts and makes a man hollow. Oil Paintings talk to me. Dreams are more authentic than existence. I sleep and sleep. The tombs, under the surface, filled with a sinister hostile force. It isn’t like on the blue planet. Here life’s in the vapors; nothing’s tangible, everythings a metaphor. And the solitude’s endless. I make friends with almost anything. I have long talks with my paintings. They keep me company for hours, days, months, years. I was at a lost when I ran out of paint, oil painting.

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