VIDEO -Madvillain -ALL CAPS MF – MF DOOM & Madlib

Madvillain  MF DOOM & Madlib

Great animated Video by Madvillain

aug,5 2012

Madvillain consists of MF DOOM  and Madlib. Their début album Madvillainy was met with wide critical acclaim. MF Doom and Madlib are the most interesting people creating music. Being interested is a challenge in today’s prescripted uber reality show world. Not much does it for me musically. Finding MF DOOM and Madvillain shows we’re not all robots yet. I don’t know much about MF DOOM or his  history. Anyone knows any interesting facts about MF DOOM  Madvillain or Madlib please school the class in comments below. I love these guys.

Daniel Dumile was born 9 January 1971 AKA MF Doom,  MF DOOM, or simply DOOM. He was born in 1971, in London, son of a Trinidadian mother and a Rhodesian father. He moved New York with his family to Long Beach, New York. He formed KMD in 1988 with his younger brother DJ Subroc and another MC called Rodan.


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